Safety along the pipeline

Protecting our pipelines – and our good name

Excavation or civil engineering work close to gas pipelines requires special expertise. And if third parties are involved in this sensitive work, we need to take additional steps to protect our pipelines against damage. Third parties must meet the same strict safety requirements that we place on our own employees. Our safety standards for work in the vicinity of pipelines are outlined in a special brochure (Richtlinie für sicheres Arbeiten im Nahbereich von Erdgasleitungsanlagen – German only).

The key points in a nutshell

  • Gas Connect Austria provides the plans. To obtain plans, please contact our planning information staff. 
  • All work requires formal approval. Applications for approval must be made at least seven days before work starts.
  • Pipeline facilities must be marked on site before the commencement of works.
  • Clearance to start work must be obtained on site.
  • In all cases, a Gas Connect Austria staff member acts as the on-site safety supervisor.


If you have any enquiries, please contact our Operations and Maintenance Department.