Pipeline safety

Playing it safe. Our gas pipelines are regularly inspected and serviced.

Natural gas travels along high-pressure underground pipelines. This transportation mode causes minimal environmental impacts, is unaffected by weather conditions and is extremely safe. The high safety standards come from ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Precision pipeline and compressor station maintenance

The three maintenance centers at locations on the pipeline network have special tools, modern machinery and all the necessary spare parts. In order to be able to intervene at once in an emergency, the maintenance team is on call around the clock.

Inspections from every angle

The pipeline systems are regularly overflown by helicopters. In addition, full inspections are carried out on foot one a year.

Pigging technology: thorough and efficient

Pigs are special devices that precisely fit the diameter of a pipeline. They are launched via pipeline via pig traps and propelled by the gas pressure. Cleaning pigs remove liquids and contamination, while the purpose of “smart pigs” is to detect cracks and other damage.