Administrative assistance

Organisational/administrative project planning and implementation

Good relations are vital not only in the field, but also when it comes to the administrative side of pipeline projects. Operating a pipeline involves a wide range of tasks – before, during and after construction. So what exactly happens behind the scenes during a pipeline construction project

Agreements with chambers of agriculture

  • Reciprocal rights and duties
  • Compensation issues
  • Liability

Official procedures

  • Office for the Care of Monuments
  • Environmental protection measures (environmental compensation areas)
  • Obtaining evidence (property lines, drainage systems, wells, buildings, pathways)
  • Forest marking and assessment, followed by felling

Right of way

  • Preliminary information event
  • Public meeting – distribution of option contracts
  • Home visits: conclusion of option contracts, survey of land managers and technical installations
  • Transfer of option payments and first instalment of compensation payments  
  • Notification letter
  • Construction phase – support during construction, in accordance with right-of-way legislation
  • Calculation of loss settlements
  • Signature and notarisation of easement agreements, 
  • Payment of outstanding compensation
  • Easement agreements entered in the land register (C Form)