Overview of the implemented transparency requirements

Annex I to Regulation (EC) 715/2009


3.1.2 a)

A detailed and comprehensive description of the different services and their charges
Capacity Utilization (CU)  |   Tariffs  |   E-Control Ordinances (GSNE VO)

3.1.2 b) u. c) 1.

Different transportation contracts and other significant documents

3.1.2 c)

Network code / standard conditions

3.1.2 c) 2.

Specification of relevant gas quality parameters

3.1.2 c) 3.

Pressure requirements

3.1.2 c) 4.

Procedure in the event of an interruption of interruptible capacity

3.1.2 d)

Harmonized procedures applied when using the transmission system, including the definition of key terms

3.1.2 e)

Provisions on capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding and reutilization procedures

3.1.2 f)

Rules applicable for capacity trade on the secondary market vis-à-vis the transmission system operator

3.1.2 g)

Rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charges
Market Area Manager  |   E-Control Ordinances (GMMO-VO)

3.1.2. h)

Flexibility and tolerance levels included in transportation and with additional charges
Market Area Manager

3.1.2 i)

Detailed description of the gas system of TSO and its relevant points of interconnection / names of the operators of the interconnected systems or facilities
Capacity Utilization (CU)

3.1.2 j)

Rules applicable for connection to the system
Registration   GWG 2011 §31 Abs 4

3.1.2 k)

Information on emergency mechanisms

3.1.2 l)

Procedures agreed at interconnection points (if relevant) relating to interoperability of the network, agreed procedures on nomination and matching procedures and other agreed procedures that set out provisions in relation to gas flow allocations and balancing
Capacity Utilization (CU)  |   E-Control Other Market Rules

3.1.2 m)

Description of the methodology and process used to calculate the technical capacity
Capacity Products

3.3. (4), (5)

Capacities, nominations and renominations, actual physical flows, gross calorific values
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) a)

Technical capacity for flows
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) b)

Total contracted firm and interruptible capacity
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) c)

Nominations and re-nominations
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) d)

Available firm and interruptible capacity
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) e)

Actual physical flows
Market Area Data

3.3. (1) f)

Planned and actual interruptions
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (1) g)

Planned and unscheduled interruptions
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (1) h)

CMP Unsuccessful requests
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (1) i)

CMP Auction results
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (1) j)

CMP Unavailable Firm Capacities
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (1) k)

CMP Capacities Made Available
ENTSOG Transparency Platform

3.3. (2)

Capacity publication under 3.3. (1) 24 months ahead
Market Area Data

3.3. (3)

Historical capacity publication under 3.3. (1) for the past 5 years
Market Area Data  |   Capacities

3.4 (1) u. (2)

Information on secondary trading
Secondary Capacity

3.4 (3)

Balancing services
Market Area Manager - FAQ's

3.4 (4)

Further flexibility service of TSO
Not applicable

3.4 (5)

Amount of gas in the transmission system and the forecast
Market Area Data

3.4 (6)

User-friendly instruments for calculating tariffs