Applicable capacity data 

According to the Entry-Exit logic the capacity information relates to the respective decisive Entry- or Exit-Point.

Gas Connect Austria publishes the capacity data on the following platforms:

Entsog Transparency Platform

Marktgebietsmanager - Marktgebietsdaten

Historical capacity data

Pipeline capacity calculation methodology

The following parameters are used to calculate the capacity of pipeline systems:

  • Pipeline dimensions (diameter) 
  • Pipeline length 
  • Minimum permitted pressure at the entry and exit points 
  • Temperatures along the pipeline system (or at least at the entry and exit points) 
  • The chemical composition of the gas being transported 
  • Pipe roughness 
  • Geodetic height 

The calculation uses an iterative procedure. As regards construction and operating costs, a balance needs to be struck between compressor power and pipeline diameter. Technical, organizational, operational, environmental, geological and regulatory (legal) conditions have to be taken into account when making these decisions. 

The Ferguson formula is normally used to calculate the pressure drop in a pipeline system.