Capacity Bulletin Board

The purpose of the Gas Connect Austria Capacity Bulletin Board is to support trading of cross-border natural gas transportation capacity, and thus to make it easier to bring capacity supply and demand together.

Posting entries on the Capacity Bulletin Board

To post an entry on the Capacity Bulletin Board, please proceed as follows:

  1. Save the form offered for download on the right-hand side of this screen to your local hard drive.
  2. Open the PDF document and complete the form.
  3. Save the completed form locally and print it out.
  4. Fax the print-out of the document to +43 (1) 27500-688136.

Please note: if you use a different fax number to the one shown above we cannot guarantee that your entry will be posted on the Capacity Bulletin Board.

Please contact our key account management team if you have a query.


Gas Connect Austria makes every effort to post all properly completed entries on this site within three working days of receipt.

Please also read the legal notice regarding the Capacity Bulletin Board.

MAB Capacity Bulletin Board Entries

IDBulletin typeShipperTransport SystemHourly flowrate m³/hDate Start/EndValid thruDetails