Distribution system

The distribution system of Gas Connect Austria links the Austrian transmission grid with the production and storage systems of the OMV Group and the distribution networks operated by the regional system operators. This means that our entire distribution network is classed as level 1 (high pressure network).

Due to the Europe-wide uniform definition of transmission and distribution, the Primary Distribution Network (PVS) is now partly classified as a transmission network and partly as a distribution network. Annex 2 to the Gaswirtschaftsgesetz (Natural Gas Act) lists the transmission systems and draws the distinction between the PVS 1 (a transmission system) and PVS 2 (a distribution system): The PVS 1 shall comprise those parts of the natural gas pipeline system as defined in section 7 para. 1 item 15 of Gas Connect Austria GmbH*) that establish a connection with the Slovak network or connect the natural gas pipelines at Baumgarten with each other to create a coherent entry/exit zone in the market area, with the exception of those assigned to TAG or WAG. The rest of the PVS now forms part of the distribution grid.

The distribution network of Gas Connect Austria is listed in item 14 and item 15 of Annex 1 to the Natural Gas Act:

  • 14. the primary distribution system 2, i.e. the lines of the primary distribution system dedicated to distribution;
  • 15. the Gas Connect Austria GmbH*) points on TAG and WAG.

It is a high-pressure network and only carries non-odorised natural gas due to the requirements of the storage facilities and downstream system operators.

The individual pipelines that make up the PVS 2 can be seen here.

*) In the Natural Gas Act, the former name OMV Gas GmbH is used.