Import from Russia

In this weekly review, you will find the development of the physical gas flows from Russia to Europe at the European entry points in GWh/day units. The data originate from the ENTSOG Transparency Platform, to which the European transmission system operators report their data on a daily basis.

On the website of the market area manager AGGM you can find the hourly updated market area data of the Austrian entry/exit points at (

Daily updated information on domestic gas supply can be found at e-control:

Please also note our information in the disclaimer below.


The graphic visualizes the 3 major gas pipelines from Russia to Europe (Yamal, Brotherhood and TurkStream). The respective interconnection points (IP) are read out, see graphic. The data, which GCA visualizes in this representation, originate from a generally accessible source, whereby the entered data are made available free of charge for public use.

GCA accesses these data and visualizes them with the best of intentions. The respective gas day visualized starts at 6:00 a.m. (CET).

GCA makes no assurances regarding the accuracy or completeness of the visualized information. Any decisions and actions of the user based on this information are the sole responsibility of the user. GCA assumes no liability in this regard.