Our contribution to the security of supply

The provision of a modern, high-performance pipeline grid

A considerable amount of the Russian natural gas to Western Europe flows through the Baumgarten hub. From there, it is distributed throughout Austria and to Germany, France, Hungary, and via the Trans-Austria pipeline operated by TAG GmbH to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Looking to the future

The secure supply of natural gas is only possible through a well built and efficient infrastructure. Our pipeline systems are thus checked regularly, maintained, and extended in accordance with the market requirements.  As long-distance and distribution grid operator, we secure the long-term supply of natural gas together with producers, storage facilities, and downstream grid operators.

Blackout! Gas Connect Austria ready for any emergency

Gas Connect Austria ensures the supply of gas to Austria and the rest of Europe around the clock. So it is essential that the company is well prepared to deal with any crisis situations.

A widespread power cut (blackout) would be particularly devastating for people and society as a whole. The constant availability of energy, especially electricity, underpins life and work in Europe. Due to a variety of factors, it does not seem possible to guarantee the uninterrupted supply of electricity at all times. Furthermore, the electricity sector is highly integrated – a defect or attack at one location can have an effect on many European countries. As a result, society and individual organisations and businesses have been called on to make preparations for possible blackout scenarios.

Gas Connect Austria has answered this call and analysed the subject in detail, and is well prepared for any emergency. Our facilities have dedicated communication links and energy supply lines that are independent of the public electricity grid. Regardless of the availability of mains power supply, we are in a position to ensure gas flows for three days.

Gas Connect Austria has a highly trained emergency and crisis management team which can make use of the insights gained, in the event of a power outage and implement the relevant provisions quickly and safely. An extensive internal information and training initiative has created the necessary awareness among our employees, so they too are fully prepared.

In addition, Gas Connect Austria’s links to public authorities and relevant energy companies have helped to raise awareness of the blackout scenario throughout the energy sector.