Bearing responsibility and ensuring quality – Gas Connect Austria is guided by international standards

For us as a network operator, the safe operation of our facilities and the reliable supply of energy are our top priorities. In order to meet this responsibility every day, we work with strict safety and quality standards and have these regularly checked by external experts. Within the framework of an integrated management system that complies with international ISO standards, we ensure the highest quality in our daily work. We take our responsibility towards the environment and all people in and around our company very seriously and are therefore constantly improving our processes.

Gas Connect Austria is certified according to the following ISO-standards:

ISO 50001 (Energy)

This certification deals with energy management – we ensure that Gas Connect Austria's energy efficiency is systematically increased, potential savings are identified and appropriate measures are taken.

ISO 14001 (Environment)

We are certified for our environmental management system with ISO 14001. This shows that we operate in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner and continuously minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

ISO 9001 (Quality)

ISO 9001 focuses on the satisfaction of our customers. With a holistic quality management system and well thought out processes, we work every day to further optimize our services and thus better meet the needs of our customers.

ISO 27001 (Information security)

The protection of our information is also a protection of our gas infrastructure. ISO 27001 certification confirms our commitment to quality in the area of IT and cybersecurity, which enables us to identify potential risks in a targeted manner and defend against them more effectively.

ISO 45001 (Employee protection and health)

Goal: Our team goes home healthy every night. Thanks to ongoing training, continuous improvement and strict safety guidelines for our employees and contractors, as well as high quality occupational health care and prevention, we are ISO 45001 certified.