The energy all-rounder. A wide range of uses

Natural gas:

  • Cooks: 10% of Austrian kitchens have gas stove tops and ovens.*
  • Heats: About a quarter of all households in Austria use natural gas for space and water heating.*
  • Generates power: Natural gas is also used to generate electricity at environmentally friendly combined cycle and fuel cell power plants.
  • Powers vehicles: Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an automotive fuel. Natural gas vehicles cause less environmental impacts and cost less to run than conventional automobiles. In future natural gas fuel cells are also likely to be used in vehicles.
  • Does a lot more besides: Due to its chemical purity, natural gas is also a valuable industrial feedstock. Among things, it is used to make plastics (e.g. melamine), fertilizers, adhesives, solvents and pesticides.


*Source: Statistic Austria