Less is more

Reducing environmental impacts – for a better quality of life

Our goal: to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible and to prevent unnecessary environmental damage in advance. When implementing projects, we go beyond the legal requirements, giving wildlife conservation particular consideration and developing innovative ideas to increase the energy efficiency of our plants and equipment.

Monitoring our environmental performance

Our environmental performance is monitored and documented using the following indicators:

  • Energy management
  • Air pollution
  • Waste management
  • Water management
For instance
  • We regularly upgrade our machinery, use low-emission burners for our gas-fired compressors, and introduced electric compressors in 2011 – all of which has reduced direct greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Adaptations to sealing systems have significantly reduced methane emissions from our facilities. Other innovative technologies include smart plugs for disconnected pipelines which divert gas to other systems without any of it being released.
Conserving nature

Our pipeline construction plans take various factors into account, including the breeding seasons of rare birds. If construction affects the habitats of species such as ground squirrels, the animals are temporarily resettled until the area has been restored to its original state. Wildlife and species conservation experts, and local residents near our facilities gives us the benefit of their practical experience. Environmental compensation measures and areas are desginated during the planning phase.