There when you need us

Expert support keeps you on safe ground. The Right of Way team is on hand to field any questions about projects and plant on third party-owned land.

Natural gas pipelines transport heat and energy to households and businesses in Austria and across Europe. But such a complex network can also give rise to questions. Gas Connect Austria provides reliable support on gas transportation issues in Austria and abroad. We are also the people to turn to for information and assistance – be it before, during or after pipeline construction.

Gas Connect Austria’s Right of Way team is responsible for all projects and plant located on third party-owned land. Our experts offer full-line support on pipeline construction and other projects – from the planning and building phases through to monitoring recultivation and restoring the pipeline route to its original state.

We collaborate closely with all of the project stakeholders, including land owners, associations, cooperative associations, municipalities and public corporations. And acting in concert with all concerned is the key to successful infrastructure development!

Our main responsibilities
  • Providing timely information on upcoming projects and their effects
  • Offering support to affected land owners and managers during the preparatory phase
  • Concluding and monitoring contracts, agreements, and easements entered in the land register
  • Assessing and compensating for reductions in yields, operating impediments and crop damage