Working with us

Good neighbours? You can rely on us!

Landowners who provide us with easements are key partners for Gas Connect Austria. Safety is an issue not just during construction but also during ongoing operation of pipelines. The rights and duties of our “neighbours” are set out in separate contracts with landowners. Gas Connect Austria currently manages around 18,000 of these agreements.

The key points in a nutshell

  • Normal farming work does not compromise pipeline safety.
  • Gas Connect Austria provides construction escort free of charge for groundwork or excavations that go beyond normal agricultural activities.
  • Buildings are not permitted in the pipeline corridor.
  • Trees, or strong or deep rooted plants shall not be planted in the defined pipeline corridor on the left and right side of the pipeline.
  • Other works within the pipeline corridor which affect or could endanger the integrity of the pipeline system require the approval of Gas Connect Austria.