What we do

Gas Connect Austria operates and constructs high-pressure pipelines in Austria. The company is also responsible for the marketing and for providing transport capacities at border points, so called entry and exit capacities, and the transport capacity required for domestic gas demand. With an experienced team of experts, Gas Connect Austria offers customers market-oriented and innovative transport solutions.

Full speed for security of supply

Gas Connect Austria operates an approximately 900-km-long high-pressure pipeline grid. Five compressor stations positioned along the pipeline guarantee the relevant pressure. In addition to operation, maintenance and repairs are also important tasks. The same applies to the market-driven extension of the modern pipeline grid in Austria.

Enhancing gas supply security

Gas Connect Austria markets transport capacity and services transparently and offers the same conditions to all customers. The gas is transported to the Austrian federal states, but also to Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary. The Company plays a pivotal role in the supply of gas in Austria and Europe.