Dispatching round the clock. The Dispatching department of Gas Connect Austria provides centralized control and distribution of natural gas.

To fulfill capacity contracts of enormous quantities of gas, Gas Connect Austria operates a centrally controlled state-of-the-art dispatch center. This coordinates the flows of natural gas into Austria (on upstream networks), through it and out of it (to downstream networks). The center’s main tasks are controlling and metering the gas flows on the Gas Connect Austria pipeline network and communicating with other operators’ networks (exchanging data, etc.). 

Transport reservations are made at entry/exit points, and entry and exit capacities are booked separately. Uninterrupted gas flows are essential for the safe and reliable operation of the Baumgarten hub and the entire pipeline system.

All the network infrastructure in Austria can be controlled centrally and in real time at the push of a button from the Vienna Dispatching Center. For example, it is possible to open or close a control valve in Upper Austria, or alter the output of all the compressor stations in a split second. Gas Connect Austria carries out labor-intensive and costly tests regularly, inspections and maintenance work are performed to ensure a rapid and reliable network control.