Gas Market: This is how satisfied our customers are

Gas Connect Austria regularly carries out customer satisfaction surveys - with consistently very good results. How do they come about and how do they help us to improve our services? Sales Manager Justyna Chęcińska explains.


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It is an excellent testimonial that we have once again received from our GCA customers in the latest satisfaction survey. Every two years, our Sales Transmission & Distribution department asks our customers what they think of our services and asks them to rate their satisfaction on a scale from 1 (very satisfied) to 5 (very dissatisfied). The result is excellent: an overall score of 1.42.

Customer satisfaction continues to rise

A survey is carried out on an annual basis by the ST&D department. The first one took place in 2008. Since 2015, the results of the feedback questionnaires have also been used for TÜV Süd's ServiceExcellence certification. A customer satisfaction score of 2 is sufficient for this.


Sales Manager Justyna Chęcińska is responsible for designing and carrying out the survey. "The trend shows that our customers' satisfaction has been steadily increasing since 2013. It is particularly pleasing to see very high scores in the following important categories: reliability, quality of advice and response time," she says proudly.

Customer focus in the regulated sector

The Sales Transmission & Distribution team fulfils a wide range of tasks, such as developing future projects for hydrogen transport, participating in international initiatives and committees (e.g. European Hydrogen Backbone or ENTSOG), and concluding contracts in the Austrian distribution area.  

The core task of the eleven-person department is the marketing and commercialisation of transport capacities on the GCA cross-border transmission network. These can be acquired by participants on European booking platforms. The market is subject to strict regulatory requirements.

"Approximately 180 customers from 30 countries are currently registered to book GCA capacities", says Justyna Chęcińska. Various products are offered on an annual, quarterly, monthly, daily and intraday basis: "We currently offer our customers a total of more than 240,000 opportunities to book transport capacities each year."

Our main targets: efficiency, communication and satisfaction

GCA sales managers have a lot to do: We personally inform our customers about the regulatory framework and all technical issues. "Our mission is to offer the right solutions for each customer, while ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction," says Justyna Chęcińska.

Three exciting numbers at a glance

•    180 registered GCA customers 
•    30 countries where our customers come from
•    240,000 opportunities per year to book GCA capacities on European transport platforms.

Sales management as a passion

Every day, Justyna Chęcińska and her colleagues do their best to improve the services they provide. In this context the evaluation of the satisfaction survey is a particularly valuable source of information. This includes technical improvements to web portals and contributions to the internal sales newsletter. 

The experienced sales manager certainly enjoys her job: "One of the core activities of my job is customer care and answering their enquiries. I enjoy the personal contact very much!”. This is undoubtedly a good way of ensuring that GCA's customers remain in good hands.