Code of Conduct according to LobbyG

This Code of Conduct sets out our principles for the conduct of lobbying activities. In accordance with the LobbyG, these include any organized and structured contact with an official for the purpose of directly influencing certain decision-making processes in legislation or enforcement at federal, state, municipal and community level.

All organs and employees of GAS CONNECT AUSTRIA GmbH who carry out lobbying activities act according to the following principles: 

  • Without exception, lobbying activities are carried out in compliance with legal regulations, good morals and the internal regulations implemented in the company of GAS CONNECT AUSTRIA GmbH, in particular the Code of Business Ethics. 
  • When first contacting a functionary, the functionary's task, identity and specific concerns are explained to the functionary.
  • The procurement of information in an unfair manner is not permitted when carrying out lobbying activities. 
  • The information available for lobbying activities shall be truthfully disclosed. 
  • The restrictions on activities and incompatibility rules publicly announced for the functionary and/or the functionary will be investigated and complied with in advance.
  • Unfair or unreasonable pressure on the functionary is not exerted.