New gas transport service increases Tyrol's security of supply

The European transmission system operators Gas Connect Austria and bayernets now make it possible to supply the Tyrol market area directly via the Austrian gas exchange, the Central Euro-pean Gas Hub (CEGH). The new service for booking gas transport capacities is called TRUD!Y, which stands for "Trading Region Upgrade Do It Yourself".

At present, gas supply to Tyrol is exclusively via German territory, as the province is not connected to the rest of Austria's gas network. With TRUD!Y, Gas Connect Austria and bayernets offer the possibility to supply Tyrol directly with gas volumes from CEGH. As of November 15, 2022, guaranteed transport capacities can be booked and used for the pipeline connection between Überackern (border transfer point Upper Austria/Germany) and Kiefersfelden (Germany/Tyrol). In a first step, capacities of 250 MWh/h are available. In addition to the virtual trading point THE, Tyrol can thus also be supplied directly via CEGH, the virtual trading point in the Austrian market area East. With TRUD!Y, the transmission system operators are thus providing an ideal service at the right time to increase supply security in the region.

Tailor-made solutions - Do It Yourself

With TRUD!Y, Gas Connect Austria and bayernets are giving market participants a tool with which they can individually put together guaranteed transports coming from the Central European Gas Hub depending on their bookings and nominations. The flexible new service thus enables customers to tailor transport solutions precisely to their needs. This makes gas transports more efficient, reduces transaction costs, and strengthens security of supply.

Stefan Königshofer, Head of Sales at Gas Connect Austria comments: "With TRUD!Y we offer the market a tailor-made solution at the right time to increase security of supply in Tyrol, and this without investments, but solely based on the use of existing infrastructure."  Richard Unterseer, Head of Network Management at bayernets, added: "With "intelligence instead of steel", Gas Connect Austria and bayernets are enabling Tyrol to be securely connected to Austrian storage facilities and trading hubs before winter."

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