GCA invests in security of supply

In order to secure gas transport, Gas Connect Austria relies on full machine performance. This means that in case repairs are necessary, one turbine is always kept on standby as a replacement. Especially now, when the uninterrupted gas supply is of particular importance, shutdowns for maintenance and repairs should be avoided whenever possible. This is why, we have invested EUR 1.2 million in a new Power Turbine, which will be used at the Rainbach compressor station of the WAG pipeline in Upper Austria. Thanks to that, a replacement or installation of the new power turbine will be reduced from 4 months to just 2 - 3 weeks. This significantly reduces the risk of limited transport capacity during these sensitive times. The previously used replacement turbine is now technically overhauled and will be available again as a reserve and short-term replacement. One more component for a reliable energy supply in Austria.