Gas transport – flexible and efficient from A to B

A new service from the European transmission system operators Gas Connect Austria and bayernets GmbH allows customers in Germany, Switzerland and the market area of Tyrol to get their supply directly via the Central European Gas Hub (CEGH). This will be made possible by a special service called TRUD!Y, which stands for Trading Region Upgrade Do It Yourself.

In a similar way to the service Trading Region Upgrade TRU, which was successfully implemented as a pilot project and connected the Austrian and Czech gas markets, existing infrastructure is also being used here. No additional investments in network expansion are needed in order to meet customers’ transport requirements. Customers in Germany, Switzerland and the Tyrol market area now have an additional opportunity to receive their supply directly via the Central European Gas Hub, the virtual trading point in the East Market Area, in addition to the virtual trading point NCG (Net Connect Germany).

Tailor-made solutions – Do It Yourself

Through TRUD!Y, Gas Connect Austria and bayernets will provide market participants with a tool offering the opportunity to put together guaranteed transports coming from the Central European Gas Hub by using their bookings and nominations. The flexible new service allows customers to tailor transport solutions precisely to their needs. This makes gas transport more efficient and reduces transaction costs.

Stefan Königshofer, Head of Sales at Gas Connect Austria, comments: “Our goal is to offer market participants maximum flexibility in booking cross-border transport. This is intended to fulfill customers’ wishes in the best possible way.”

Richard Unterseer, Head of Market and Strategy of bayernets, adds: “With the DZK product at the border crossing point at Überackern, we are creating additional fixed capacities with ‘intelligence instead of steel’ and can thus meet existing transport requirements.”

Through this project, the two companies are acting according to the interests of the European Union, which wants to combine markets in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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Gas Connect Austria GmbH

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