Roadmap 2050 for Gas Grids

In ENTSOG's 2050 Roadmap for Gas Grids the European Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) propose how to make the gas grids ready for energy transition. Gas Connect Austria (an ENTSOG member) translated the Executive Summary of the Roadmap into German as its content is more than relevant also for Austria.

The aim of the Roadmap is to provide ENTSOG's recommendations for the European Green Deal discussions and highlight gas TSOs' proposals on how to effectively combine well-functioning, liquid gas market and achieve effective security of gas supply with the commitment to decarbonise. ENTSOG Members believe that building on achievements on markets and levels of security of supply gives a solid fundament for the future with increasingly renewable, decarbonised and low-carbon gases.

This Roadmap offers three possible pathways forward for the Member States, industry and consumers on how to achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050 with gas grids:

  • Methane Pathway
  • Blending Hydrogen and Methane Pathway
  • Hydrogen Pathway

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