Reconstruction work at Baumgarten natural gas station

On 13 March, Gas Connect Austria will recommission the first section of the equipment destroyed in the accident at the Baumgarten gas hub on 12 December 2017.


Following a general assessment of the damage and talks with experts and suppliers, a schedule was drawn up for the repair work and recommissioning.

Although the investigation into the accident is still ongoing, reconstruction is proceeding on schedule. Market participants received details of the planned step-by-step recommissioning at the start of February.

Thanks to this initial recommissioning, capacity will be available for injections from the transmission network to the distribution area, albeit only to a limited extent. The work which has now been completed was carried out on a compressor station, a gas pipeline and a metering station. As market participants have already been informed, the next step in the recommissioning process will be concluded in early May, resulting in a further increase in capacity. Supplies to Austrian gas consumers were never in jeopardy, and this remains the case today.


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