Gas Connect Austria gradually resumes construction activities

Protecting the health of all employees is a top priority for Gas Connect Austria. Accordingly, construction activities have been temporarily suspended since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After a detailed analysis of the individual projects and in consultation with the construction companies, it was decided to resume some of the construction activities step-by-step. Gas Connect Austria plays an important role in domestic and European energy supply. To ensure that the grid continues to operate smoothly, it is necessary to continue with some of the projects. This is done in a controlled manner and in strict compliance with all the prescribed protective and hygiene measures. All persons working on the construction site have been instructed in the measures to be taken and the use of protective equipment. Regularly conducted safety audits ensure that the rules are adhered to and thus the construction sites are operated safely.

Ongoing projects and reconstruction works
In the areas of Auersthal and Laa a.d. Thaya, excavations for the laying of optical fibres along the renewed Weinviertel pipeline (G00-011) were started last week. A new anode field is being constructed at the Auersthal gas station to protect the gas pipes from corrosion. Necessary inspections and coordination with stakeholders such as landowners will be carried out in strict compliance with the protective measures. Gas Connect Austria would like to express its special thanks for the trust placed in us and the good cooperation. Next week renovation work will start on a gas pipeline in the Rutzendorf to Oberhausen section, where excavations for insulation work will be carried out. In the course of APG's construction activities for the new high-voltage line in the eastern Weinviertel, safety measures will be taken for the crossing area of the gas pipelines.

Gas Connect Austria will gradually continue to carry out the construction work necessary for the safe operation of the gas infrastructure and for a reliable energy supply. However, this will be done in strict compliance with carefully defined health protection measures and with ongoing evaluation and assessment of the current situation.


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