Balance Group Responsible Service

In order to transport natural gas after acquiring capacities in the Eastern market area, these must be brought into a balance group and be nominated. For this purpose Gas Connect Austria offers its customers balance group services.

The balance group service of Gas Connect Austria includes the following main services:

  • Provision of a balance group
  • 24/7 (re) nomination service
  • Access to the gas management system

This allows you to quickly and easily use the previously acquired capacities in the Eastern market area. As a customer, you have the choice between a long-term and a short-term option:

For questions about the balance group service please contact directly:



Herbert Gangl
Balance Group Responsible Service
Floridsdorfer Hauptstraße 1
1210 Vienna
+ 43 (1) 27500-88121
+ 43 (1) 27500-88121