Bidirectional Austrian-Czech Interconnector (BACI)

Current PCI Nr.6.4
Priority CorridorNSI East
Criteria according to TEN-E-REGULATION, Articel 4, 1.(c)Directly crosses the border of two or more Member States
Criteria accoridng to TEN-E-REGULATION, Articel 4, 2.(b)

Market Integration

Security of Supply



Description of project idea 

The Austrian and the Czech Transmission System Operators Gas Connect Austria GmbH and NET4GAS, s.r.o. (project sponsors) plan to connect their pipeline systems and create additional transportation possibilities. The length of the planned pipeline is approximately 61 km (49 km on Austrian and 12 km on Czech territory) and is planned to cross the border nearby the village Reintal. Gas Connect Austria GmbH and NET4GAS, s.r.o. conducted feasibility studies in line with their Joint TEN-E application. Current planning foresees start of transport beginning in 2020.

  • On 21.10.2013 the European Commission decision concerning the granting of Union financial aid for projects of common interest „Studies related to the first direct bidirectional Czech-Austrian connection” was released. 
  • In October 2013 the Project BACI was given the Status “Project of Common Interest” according to Regulation 347/2013. Both TSOs also applied the BACI project for 2nd PCI list which is expected in October 2015.  
  • The Project BACI is included in the Austrian Coordinated Network Development Plan (CNEP) 2015-2024 as Project GCA 2014/03a (750,000 Nm³/h (0°C)) and as Project GCA 2014/03b (1,480,000 Nm³/h (0°C)). 
  • Additionally, the Project BACI (750,000 – 1,480,000 Nm³/h (0°C)) was submitted again by both TSOs to the TYNDP of ENTSOG in August 2014. 
  • The Grant Agreement on EU co-funding from the CEF programme was signed in April 2015. 


Market Connection Design

Based on internal preparatory assessment by the project sponsors, two potential design options have been identified to connect both markets in order to offer additional entry/exit services to the market.

First potential design option might be to connect both markets via a new interconnection point Reintal on AT-CZ border. This option offers the booking of additional entry/exit capacity at the new interconnection point (blue point/line). Second potential design option foresees the possibility to book new entry capacity quality offered at already existing (red/green points) and/or potential new entry points (grey points) of both countries, enabling the customer to directly access besides the national hub also the adjacent hub of the connected country at the same time and on a firm basis. Furthermore, this larger capacity flexibility assigned to both market areas can serve as a turntable with the ability to reach neighbouring markets by transferring gas through both countries in combining the new created entry capacity quality and the potential new entry capacity with any firm exit capacity in the adjacent country.